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About Us

The Clinic of Dermatology of "Health Centre 4" is the largest and the most modern centre of this kind in Latvia. The clinic offers modern diagnostic and treatment techniques for all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and gynecological diseases, as well as veins diagnostics and treatment using the latest technologies and highly qualified specialists’ work. Plastic surgeon Nonna Tomiseva gives consultations and operates in the clinic. All specialists work as a team, ensuring the best result for the patient. The Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery offers cosmetologist’s services which give the fastest aesthetic result in case of dermatologic disease treatment or after plastic surgeries. The trademark of the clinic is complex diagnostics and treatment, when doctors working in close cooperation provide the most efficient solution for the patient’s problems. The doctors’ services are available to children since birth and adults.

Dermatologists, dermatovenereologists, phlebologists (treatment of vein diseases), gynecologist, cosmetologist, specialists in medical pedicure and specialists in laser techniques work in the Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery.

The centre offers modern and diverse diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases (STD), using state-of-the-art technologies and work of highly qualified personnel.
In a nice, pleasant atmosphere a gynaecologist carries out routine gynaecological examinations, diagnostics of gynaecological diseases (including US examination) and treatment using modern technologies.
Medical pedicure
Medical pedicure includes foot skin and nail care, manipulations to eliminate ingrown nails, skin thickening, warts and corns, treatment of the nails damaged by fungi, using podiatric devices equipped with high rotation speed, pumping, spraying and air supply functions.
In cooperation with doctors, a cosmetologist offers services which provide aesthetic result faster both in case of dermatologic disease treatment and after plastic surgeries.
You can undergo an extensive vein diagnostics and treatment in one medical centre, using all state-of-the-art techniques, their combinations and an individual rehabilitation programme made especially for the patient.
Day patient department
The patients of the Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery of "Health Centre 4" stay in comfortable single rooms with a WC and a shower after surgery. There is TV, DVD player and internet in the rooms.

Skanstes str. 50, 5.korp., Riga
Ph. +371 67 847 102 +371 28 381 189